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Wellbeing & Support

We provide pupils with the emotional support they need to thrive.

Attentive pastoral care lies at the heart of our success and we go to great lengths to ensure that every child feels valued, enjoys school life and achieves more than they thought possible.

At Huddersfield Grammar School a warm, kind and purposeful feel permeates the whole community. For our young people, school is a ‘home from home'.

Form Tutor & Pastoral Team

Support from all staff.

The core pastoral team comprises of Form Tutors, the Health Hub, the pastoral base with our Nurse, alongside key senior staff who have oversight of the care of all our pupils.

This team is led by the Deputy Head (Character) who works closely with our Pastoral Team to coordinate outstanding levels of support for pupils and close communication between team members.

The dedicated tutor is the first person the child sees every day, this creates familiarity and trust between the pupil and teacher. The tutor commits to understanding the child's personal and academic position.


A passionate workforce.

We believe that children achieve academic excellence when they are happy, inspired and excited by their learning.

Staff are passionate about developing pupils' academic progress and emotional well-being, and are committed to carefully monitoring the pupil's journey as they progress through the school.

We build and encourage close relationships with parents to collaborate at every step of the pupil's journey with us. This keeps the child at the centre of our collective decision-making.


A whole community.

When a child joins Huddersfield Grammar School, the parents become part of the community. We develop a relationship based on honesty and trust, where the whole child is at the heart of our conversations.

Parents are warmly welcomed to attend sports fixtures, music recitals and drama productions, plus a whole host of social events including Christmas in the Courtyard and our Summer Fair.

Parents are also encouraged to attend our Parental Engagement Events which cover many areas associated with pastoral life and academic strategies.

I genuinely feel that Huddersfield Grammar School cares about my child. She has grown in confidence and is highly motivated to participate and achieve at school.

-Parent, Huddersfield Grammar School

Wellbeing Character Curriculum.

Our Wellbeing Character Curriculum aims to deliver a well-rounded programme of PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) which helps our pupils with the knowledge and skills to thrive in school and beyond.

Our carefully directed programme takes into account the increasing pressures on young adults, ensuring our pupils are well-rounded, confident and compassionate individuals who are well-equipped to deal with the competitive and challenging world.

We focus on embedding a growth mindset, building grit and resilience, and developing a mindful approach to positive coping strategies for the future.

Character education.

When children leave school, they should be equipped with the skills they need to be the best version of themselves. Today’s working world is a challenging one, and it’s crucial to develop a child’s character through teaching transferable skills that will help them to thrive in the future and beyond the classroom.

By regularly discussing the HGS Identity characteristics with children, they will naturally begin applying them in everyday life. Nurturing children to become well-rounded, multi-faceted individuals is the key to improving their confidence and will help to uplift and celebrate their progress.


Support for every pupil.

We provide academic support to ensure that all our pupils have the opportunity to succeed.

The support is loosely split into two areas; Academic Support for pupils who require guidance with any element of their work, this is overseen by our Deputy Head (Achievement). The second area is SEND for those pupils who have an Individual Education Plan, this provision is provided by our well-established Learning Support Department led by our SENCo.

We can accommodate children with mild learning difficulties. There is close collaboration with our admissions department to identify children with a diagnosis and who require additional intervention so that we can ensure the right support is available.

Huddersfield Grammar School

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