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School Pick Up & Drop Off

Arrival and departure times.

All pupils are welcome onsite from 8.15am and should be in their classrooms by the times listed below.

Nursery and Reception.

Arrival: 8.20am

Parents can drop their children off at the play area, where our team will be waiting to greet them.

Departure: 3.15pm

Children are escorted down the driveway by staff and dismissed at the pedestrian gate.

Pre-Preparatory (Years 1-2).

Arrival: 8.25am

Children can dropped off by parents at the door of the St David's Building, where they will be greeted by our Pre-Preparatory team.

Departure: 3.20pm

Children are escorted by staff to the St David's Building pedestrian gate, where they are dismissed to parents.

Preparatory (Years 3-6).

Arrival: 8.30am

Pupils can be dropped off at the main school gate and should enter the site independently, making their way to the Waverley Building for registration.

Departure: 3.40pm

Pupils are escorted down the driveway by teachers and dismissed at the school gates.

Senior School (Years 7-11).

Arrival: 8.35am

Pupils should enter the school site independently and head to their Form room for Registration.

Departure: 3.50pm

Pupils are dismissed in class and may exit the school site independently.

Huddersfield Grammar School

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