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Preparatory School

A place for children to thrive.

Our Private Preparatory School here at Huddersfield Grammar School caters for pupils between the ages of 7-11 (Years 3-6). Our expanded curriculum and focus on building a better understanding of core subjects such as Maths, English, Science and IT gives pupils a fantastic educational foundation to build on moving forwards.

Each of our Preparatory School pupils is given a timetable that suits their educational needs and interests. We find that tailoring education to suit the individual allows them to achieve the best possible results; and, also enjoy subjects that are most interesting to that individual.

Our approach

Set for success.

We pride ourselves on the quality of pastoral care. We believe that young children learn best in an atmosphere of cooperation and enjoyment of learning. This can only be achieved when each person is valued and can develop confidence in their own ideas, abilities and interests. Our school provides an environment that is nurturing and supportive.

Class sizes are small with no more than 20 pupils to ensure that academic, emotional, and social needs are always being met.


Modern facilities in a beautiful setting.

Our impressive private school has been tailored to deliver a fulfilling educational experience. Set in beautiful woodland and open space, pupils can enjoy modern school facilities that enhance their learning experience.

Huddersfield Grammar School provides a caring, nurturing environment for our child. She is content, happy and loves going to school. What more could we ask for?

-Parent, Huddersfield Grammar School

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You will have the opportunity to experience our welcoming environment, small classes and high-quality teaching, tailored to your child’s individual needs.

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Embracing the educational needs of each child.

Although we have adopted the National Curriculum, we are not bound by it, so have the freedom to introduce a wide range of subjects. In Preparatory School, each pupil is provided with their own laptop device for use in school and at home. Pupils use several learning applications to support and enhance their education, such as Century Tech, Learning by Questions and Languagenut.

During Years 3 and 4, the children are primarily taught by their form teacher, which gives them a strong sense of continuity. For subjects such as PE, Language, Music and Drama we have specialist teachers and this is extended to other subjects in Years 5 and 6. It means children are taught by someone who is especially passionate and knowledgeable about their subject and can convey that enthusiasm to their class.


Excel outside of the classroom.

At Huddersfield Grammar School, we strongly promote pupils to engage with our co-curricular enrichment programme. This encourages children to participate in wider school life and to enhance their timetabled curriculum with opportunities beyond the classroom.

In addition to the curriculum, pupils benefit from attending clubs and activities which develop new skills, aid concentration and time management, and encourage a passion for learning, all of which contribute to success.

An adventure to remember.

A place for children to evolve and become confident, enthusiastic individuals. We encourage pupils to develop a genuine thirst for knowledge to take with them beyond their school years.

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