Prep School

An integrated and challenging Prep School curriculum builds upon the foundations of the Pre-Prep School. There is an emphasis on core subjects, enriched by a balanced programme of specialist subjects and activities.

Our Private Prep School here at Huddersfield Grammar caters for pupils between the ages of 7-11. Our expanded curriculum and focus on building a better understanding of core subjects such as Maths, English, Science and IT gives pupils a fantastic educational foundation to build on moving forwards.

Each of our Prep School pupils is given a timetable that suits their educational needs and interests. We find that tailoring education to suit the individual allows them to achieve the best possible results; and, also enjoy subjects that are most interesting to that individual.

Welcome to Prep School

In Prep School from 7 to 11 years, your child will benefit from high-quality teaching in core subjects. Specialist teaching in areas including PE, Music and Drama will inspire them to develop their love of learning even further.

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Our curriculum is rich in opportunities for your child to learn a range of subjects and to learn in different ways. Children enjoy the use of specialist facilities for Art, Drama, Food Technology, IT, Music, Physical Education, and Science.

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Daily Programme

Huddersfield Grammar School offers your child a differentiated and planned timetable. Children benefit from maximum use of facilities and resources appropriate to their age group.

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Daily homework will help your children to consolidate what they have learned in class and develop it further through a range of interesting activities. There is a published Homework Timetable at the start of the school year.

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Clubs & Societies

Huddersfield Grammar School is concerned with education in its broader sense and extra-curricular activities are considered important in recognising the talents and potential in your child.

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