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Vision & Values

Providing a future-facing curriculum for the next generation of leaders.

Huddersfield Grammar School inspires children from Nursery right through to age 16. We are a school that explicitly puts character development at the heart of all it does, nurturing every child to become their best self.

We pride ourselves in having a rich vein of kindness with inclusivity running through our core. We offer academic stretch and a future-focused curriculum for the modern child.

Our all-through independent school is dedicated to developing the whole child every bit as much as our strong examination results. We encourage our pupils to be future-focused, to aim high and make the most of the breadth of opportunities offered to them.

The HGS Identity

The following six characteristics form the core of what we call The HGS Identity – the ‘golden thread’ which binds together all pupils who walk through our gates. At Huddersfield Grammar School, we want each pupil to:

Be Inspired

We want everything they do at school to inspire our pupils, both within and beyond the classroom. It is our aim for them to leave school as interesting people with a thirst for knowledge.

Be Individual

Our students will be valued and develop as an individual, with all children encouraged daily to be a first-rate version of themselves, not a second-rate version of someone else.

Be Resilient

Adopt a resilient approach to their academic work and their co-curricular pursuits, forming the inner steel that will serve them well on the exciting and life-long journey of learning that lies ahead.

Be Inclusive

Combine daily acts of kindness with the firm belief that – whatever our age – we can make a difference, locally and globally, right now.

Be Self-aware

We encourage our pupils to be self-aware by learning to recognise their strengths and actively working on areas where they might need more support.

Have Self-belief

We want our pupils to develop genuine self-belief, as those who ‘believe they can’ will be the leaders and game-changers of the future.

Traditional values promoting responsibility and respect.

We believe in a sense of community and moral values, instilling a genuine sense of care in all our pupils. These values guide our pupils and staff, creating responsibility and respect for all around them.

Whilst we retain our traditional values, we're committed to the future, developing new programmes and extraordinary opportunities.

Fantastic group of staff who manage to create a positive learning environment to thrive educationally and personally.

-Parent, Huddersfield Grammar School

Characteristics for life.

The HGS identity helps our pupils to build character to ensure success both within and beyond the classroom. These strands are embedded throughout the school to provide opportunities for pupils to develop as well-rounded individuals.

Opportunities include:
  • Dedicated Character Days designed to build collaborative and communication skills, develop creativity, critical thinking and teach respect, responsibility and relationships.

  • Active Learning Programme e.g. Forest School, Bushcraft, John Muir Award and Duke of Edinburgh Award.

  • Leadership training and responsibility posts for the pupils.

  • Community service volunteering opportunities and partnerships.

  • Co-curricular activities, Wellbeing Programme and visits from a variety of inspirational speakers for pupils, parents and staff.

Huddersfield Grammar School

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