Pre-Prep School

The Pre-Prep School offers a broad curriculum which includes creative opportunities in Music, Art, Drama and Sport. We emphasise social and moral values as well as academic standards.

Our Private Pre-Prep School here at Huddersfield Grammar takes children from the age of 5, through to the age of 7. Pre-Prep picks up and expands upon the practices and understating that our pupils learn and develop in our Early Years classes.

By introducing new subjects to the curriculum for our Pre-Prep pupils, we give them the opportunity to try new things. On top of this, by setting Pre-Prep pupils a small amount of homework each day, we begin to see them take their learning into their own hands; this will serve them well as they progress on their educational journey with us.

Welcome to Pre-Prep School

Moving onto Pre-Prep school is an exciting time for all 5 to 7 year olds, as our staff help them develop their love of learning through a broad curriculum and stimulating activities. Your child will be well prepared for Prep-School.

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In Year 1 and Year 2 your child’s classes will all follow the new National Curriculum with a number of additional extension areas. We work hard to provide each child with an exciting and colourful learning environment.

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Daily Programme

Huddersfield Grammar School offers your child a differentiated and planned timetable. Children benefit from maximum use of facilities and resources appropriate to their age group.

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We set a small amount of homework every day. It usually involves reading, learning spellings, or learning a multiplication table. There is a published Homework Timetable at the start of the school year.

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Educational Visits

Your child will benefit from regular educational trips to the theatre, museums and farms, along with other out-of-school activities, to enrich their understanding of what they learn in class.

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Clubs & Societies

School clubs and societies are an important part of life at Huddersfield Grammar. We know that taking part in extra-curricular activities will enrich your child’s education and help recognise their talent and potential.

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