About Us

We want our pupils to realise their full academic potential, to become intellectually and culturally curious and adventurous, and to feel secure and confident within themselves and in society.

Our West Yorkshire Private School has a long and proud history of providing pupils with only the finest education and support possible. From starting out their educational journey in our Early Years classes, all the way through to Senior School, children here at Huddersfield Grammar School are given the perfect foundation to achieve their full potential.

Each member of our staff shares and promotes the schools’ ethos of offering a caring, supportive environment for all pupils. If you’d like to see and feel the caring atmosphere here at Huddersfield Grammar, then why not book a visit to one of our open days.

Headmaster’s Welcome

Huddersfield Grammar School is a thriving independent school with a great sense of community, offering a wonderful learning environment for children aged 3-16 years with a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

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History & Ethos

Huddersfield Grammar School offers children a caring, supportive environment. We encourage our pupils to work hard, aspire to high academic standards and to become fully-rounded members of the school and community.

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Academic Quality & Results

Our aspirations for high academic standards are underpinned by a deep understanding of teaching and learning with rigorous monitoring of individual children’s progress.

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Leavers’ Destinations

The Inspection Report judged that "the quality of the educational provision enables pupils to make at least good progress and GCSE results at the end of Year 11 show that a high number of pupils exceed their predicted academic expectations".

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Inspection Reports

The 2014 School Inspection Service report judged that "Huddersfield Grammar School provides a high quality of education for pupils of all ages", with “excellent” provision for Kindergarten and Reception pupils.

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Our Staff

We have highly skilled and enthusiastic teachers working alongside a dedicated support team.

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Job Vacancies

Our staff vacancies can be found here.

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Cognita Schools

Cognita is a global leader in independent education, committed to seeing children achieve their full potential.

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