Scholarships for entry into the Senior School are awarded following the Scholarship Examination in January each year. These are offered for academia, sport, music, art and the performing arts.

The award of all scholarships will be dependent on candidates achieving an appropriately high standard of performance in the Entrance Examination, appropriate references and the candidate’s performance at the scholarship interview. Scholarships are awarded at the start of Year 7.

The Grammarian Scholarship is limited to pupils already in full-time attendance in the Preparatory School at HGS at the time of the examination. The Grammarian gives up to 50% remission of tuition costs.

The Malcolm Lee Scholarship: The open academic scholarship award contributes a maximum of 25% remission of tuition costs. This is open to all scholarship candidates.

Scholarships are provided in recognition of outstanding performance and a demonstration of exceptional ability, be that in the field of academia, the arts or sport. These are conditional upon a pupil maintaining a high standard of performance and a commitment to contribute fully to school life at HGS.

The Headmaster may choose to award a number of scholarships should the performance of the candidates in the Scholarship Examinations justify such action.

The Headmaster may also award a Scholarship in recognition of outstanding performance in the Scholarship Examinations by a student residing in the locality.


Huddersfield Grammar School “Exhibition Awards”

The Headmaster may also make a specific “Exhibition Award” in recognition of scholarship performance and achievement to individual pupils that the school is not able to award a full scholarship.

Bursaries may be awarded on the basis of a means test for children already in attendance at the school who are experiencing financial hardship.