Huddersfield Grammar School was found to fulfil every standard set by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) following a rigorous inspection in February 2018.

The ISI also found that there were no recommendations to make in areas the school might improve.

Its inspection report praised the quality of education provided and noted that pupils exceed expected examination results.

Pupils’ welfare and spiritual, moral, social and cultural development met every requirement, as did the standard of the school’s premises, which have undergone £4.25m worth of investment over the previous five years.

The school’s leadership team, led by the Headmaster, was also praised for having good skills and knowledge and fulfilling all responsibilities, meeting standards consistently and actively promoting pupils’ well-being.

The Headmaster commented: “I am delighted that our school community has received such a positive endorsement in its first ever ISI inspection. In meeting all eight ISI standards, Huddersfield Grammar School is now in the company of some of the finest independent schools in the United Kingdom. This is a measure of the quality of my colleagues, and of the exemplary conduct of our pupils.

“The school continues to be very popular with both current and prospective parents as a result of our unique approach to nurturing each individual within small class sizes, whatever their academic starting point. If children are given that little bit extra nurture, they will be happier and they will thrive, both within and beyond the classroom.

ISI Focused Compliance and Educational Quality Report

March 2022


  • Pupils’ attitudes to learning are very positive and they demonstrate good initiative and independence, both individually and collaboratively.
  • Pupils have a strong moral compass and clear awareness of right and wrong which underpin the way they behave in school.
  • Pupils make a high rate of progress in changes to their attainment over time.
  • Throughout the school, pupils of all ages and abilities demonstrate good knowledge, understanding and skills across all curriculum subjects.
  • Pupils achieve well and show substantial pride in their school because of the effective leadership of academic provision.
  • Throughout the school, pupils of all ages display a good awareness, appreciation and understanding of diversity and different cultures.
  • The size of the school and the small number in each class enables strong and cohesive relationships to develop between the pupils and their peers and between pupils and staff. These good outcomes in pupils’ personal development are due to the strong commitment of senior leaders, school governors and staff to providing effective pastoral support.

ISI Regulatory Compliance Report

February 2018


In this binary inspection, Huddersfield Grammar School was judged to successfully meet the following standards:

  • Quality of education provided.
  • Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils.
  • Welfare, healthy and safety of pupils.
  • Suitability of staff, supply staff and proprietors.
  • Premises of and accommodation at schools.
  • Provision of information.
  • Manner in which complaints are handled.
  • Quality of leadership in and management of schools.

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