HGS Pedagogy Model


Huddersfield Grammar School has devised adopted its HGS Pedagogy Model, an approach to teaching and learning which is premised on the latest educational research, informs our lesson planning and drives the professional development of our teachers throughout the school.

At the core of the model are the six components of The HGS Identity, the ‘golden thread’ which binds together all pupils who walk through our gates.

The key elements of classroom instruction at HGS, ranging from sharing the bigger picture to modelling, are designed to lead pupils through their learning whilst developing the six character traits that inform The HGS Identity.

The core principles of learning – content knowledge and expertise, assessment and feedback, and deep questioning – are informed by research carried out by the Education Endowment Foundation and underpin all teaching and learning priorities.

The final layer, academic achievement and well-being, outlines the impact of applying the HGS Pedagogy model in lessons at HGS.

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