At Huddersfield Grammar School, we want each pupil to:


  • be inspired by everything they do at school, both within and beyond the classroom, so they leave school as interested and interesting people;


  • be valued and developed as an individual, with all children encouraged daily to be a first-rate version of themselves, not a second-rate version of someone else;


  • adopt a resilient approach to their academic work and their extra-curricular pursuits, forming the inner steel that will serve them well on the exciting and life-long journey of learning that lies ahead;


  • be inclusive, combining daily acts of kindness with the firm belief that – whatever our age – we can make a difference, locally and globally, right now;


  • be self-aware, through learning to recognise their strengths and adapt to their weaknesses, both in learning and in life;


  • develop genuine self-belief, as those who ‘believe they can’ will be the leaders and game-changers of the future.


These six characteristics form the core of what we call The HGS Identity – the ‘golden thread’ which binds together all pupils who walk through our gates.

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