Huddersfield Grammar School takes pride in the academic progress and attainment of all pupils.

We carry out baseline testing for all new pupils and at specific age groups to create personalised learning schemes. We carefully monitor each child’s progress within each stage of their development and use data gathered and collated by the Pupil Asset system to inform teaching and learning.

2017 GCSE Highlights

40% of all grades recorded at the equivalent of A or A* grades. 90% of students achieved the new ‘C’ equivalent of Grade 4 and above in at least five subjects including both English Language and Mathematics.




Tim Hoyle


These results are simply wonderful. The value of hard working, talented and enthusiastic students working alongside passionate and dedicated teachers, and with caring and supportive parents, is fully evidenced in these results. I congratulate all students and staff on their outstanding efforts and achievements.

The school also won two Good Schools Guide Awards in 2015, which are given for top performance in English schools. The awards were for the best performance by boys taking Biology at an English independent school (Level 1/2 IGCSE certificates) and best performance by girls in Spanish at an English independent school (GCSE).