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Welcome to Huddersfield Grammar School

We are a highly successful independent school in Yorkshire, providing a future-facing curriculum for the next generation of leaders. Our academic results are exceptional, with a focus on pupil wellbeing and character development at the heart of all we do.

Set in beautiful grounds, we provide children from ages 3-16 a caring, supportive environment in which to learn. Children are inspired from the very beginning of their educational journey in Kindergarten and Reception, and this continues right through the Pre-Preparatory, Preparatory and Senior School.

Huddersfield Grammar School offers academic stretch and an enviable extra-curricular programme. We are renowned for our rich vein of kindness and inclusivity. We encourage our pupils to work hard, aspire to high academic standards and we delight in watching them become fully-rounded members of the school and community.

Character development

When children leave school, they should be equipped with the skills they need to be the best version of themselves. Today’s working world is a challenging one, and it’s crucial to develop a child’s character through teaching transferable skills that will help them to thrive in the future and beyond the classroom.

Academic quality

We are extremely proud to consistently achieve results that are far beyond the national average at every school stage – from Key Stage 2 results exceeding national averages by over 15% to quality GCSE outcomes at 23% higher than national results.

Future-focused curriculum

Keeping up with the ever-changing world, our curriculum encourages pupils to look beyond life at HGS and develop the important intangible skills that will benefit them throughout life as innovators, collaborators and leaders.

Our achievement

Sunday Times Top 50 Prep School.

The school is celebrating its fifth year in the Parent Power Schools Guide, which identifies the highest-achieving schools in the UK, ranked by their performance in public examinations.

Since debuting in the league table back in 2018, our Prep School has climbed 36 places and is now positioned 48th nationally, standing amongst some of the very best schools in the country.

Meet our Headteacher, Stuart Rees

Mr Rees brings with him a wealth of experience, with almost 25 years in teaching. He is most passionate about developing pupils’ character, via the HGS Identity, to equip them socially and emotionally for the needs of the modern world.

"Everything we do at Huddersfield Grammar School is dedicated to 'The whole child is the whole point.'"

- Stuart Rees, Headteacher

Join us for an Open Event

You will have the opportunity to experience our welcoming environment, small classes and high-quality teaching, tailored to your child’s individual needs.

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My children are happy, confident and doing fantastically well, and their grades are great, too.

 – Parent, Huddersfield Grammar School


An environment that makes all feel welcome.

Our impressive school campus has been tailored to deliver a fulfilling educational experience. Set in beautiful woodland and open space, pupils can enjoy modern school facilities that enhance their learning experience.

The main house is a beautiful listed building that dates back to the 19th century, which is home to our senior school. It offers an environment where pupils can feel truly inspired.

An adventure to remember.

A place for children to evolve and become confident, enthusiastic individuals. We encourage pupils to develop a genuine thirst for knowledge to take with them beyond their school years.

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