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Dear Parents,

Imagine a world without the arts and you are left with a barren landscape, bereft of so much that makes life wonderful. No choirs in schools, no actors on stage, no paintings or literature taking pride of place in museums and on the walls and bookcases of our houses. Who would want to want to live in such a world?

At Huddersfield Grammar School, we are now more dedicated than ever to growing the profile of the arts in the months and years ahead, and to utilising our membership of the Independent Schools Association (ISA) to ensure that our talented artists, actors and musicians have an opportunity to compete against the finest of their generation in the land.

It was with some trepidation that I arrived at the ISA North Head’s Conference in Manchester earlier this week, weighed down with colourful artwork from a range of our talented students. For this was to be the first time that Huddersfield Grammar School had entered an Arts Competition that features the work of some of the finest independent schools in the North of England, all ISA members in what is a union of over 450 independent schools.

Any early anxiety, however, quickly turned to immense pride as Huddersfield Grammar School swept the board when the results were announced:

Early Years Art 2D Individual: 1st Place

Key Stage 4 Sketchbook: 1st Place

Key Stage 4 Drawing: 2nd Place

Textiles Group: 2nd Place

Textiles Individual: 3rd Place

Without wishing to resort to hyperbole, this was an extraordinary set of results for HGS in what was our debut in this prestigious competition. Our two first places now go on to the National Final, with their work to be showcased amongst the crème de la crème of young artists from across the United Kingdom.

But our work will not stop here! Over the school year, you can expect to see colourful murals going up around the school that will shine a light of the breadth of artistic talent amongst our student body. Design competitions will be held, and our successful pupils will get an opportunity to make a lasting contribution to what will become an increasingly vibrant school site. I, for one, cannot wait to see what they come up with.

I will not reveal the identity of our winning pupils today, but we will instead be featuring the artwork itself, together with the names of our successful artists, on the school’s Facebook feed over the course of next week. I am sure that you will be impressed.

With best wishes for a lovely family weekend,

Mr M Seaton





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