The Out of School Club is available from 7.30am to 8.30am and from 3.15pm each school day during term time. Breakfast will be provided during the morning session and tea during the afternoon session.

The club closes at 6pm. Parents may book individual days as required or block book if preferred, with the Play Leader at the club or by telephoning the school.

A supervised free “waiters” session operates until 4pm for children with siblings in older age groups at which time the full After School Club session is in progress.




Fees for Academic Year 2017 / 18

Morning Club£6.95
After School £5.85 no tea, £6.95 with tea
After School beyond 1 hour£8.60 no tea, £9.70 with tea

More information about the dates of the Summer Holiday Club can be downloaded here.

For the complete activity sheet about what is happening in the Summer Holiday Club please click on the icon below.

A Registration Form must be completed and returned to the school prior to a child attending any session. A copy of this form can be downloaded here.


The school also operates a Holiday Club using the school facilities and staff at various weeks of the school year.



Holiday Club for Summer 2017

Dear Parents,

The Huddersfield Grammar School Holiday Club will be operating for the following dates during the Summer holiday, subject to minimum numbers requiring the provision:

Summer week 1: Mon 10/7/2017 to Fri 14/7/2017

Summer week 2: Mon 17/7/2017 to Fri 21/7/2017

Summer week 3: Mon 24/7/2017 to 28/7/2017

Summer week 4: Mon 31/7/2017 to 4/8/2017

Summer week 5: Mon 7/8/2017 to 11/8/2017

The club will be open to Huddersfield Grammar School pupils and known associates who are aged 3 – 14yrs.

There are two sessions available as follows:

  • Daytime session –  8am until 4pm. Please provide a packed lunch.
  • Full day session – 8am until 6pm. Please provide a packed lunch. A light tea will be served for all pupils attending the full day session.

The cost of the Club will be £27.50 for the Daytime session or £33 per day for the Full day session. A 10% sibling discount will apply for each additional sibling attending the same sessions.

The Activity Programme will include the following: Team games and sports activities, Creative Arts activities, Story time sessions, ICT activities and Supervised Free Play. The Club will have access to the school facilities and equipment as arranged by the Holiday Club Manager. A detailed schedule of activities will be available on the school website by 9th June 2017.

Please request the booking form for the Summer Holiday Club from the school office. The deadline for return of the form to the school office is Friday 30th June 2017. Any friends or family of students at HGS who would like to join the holiday club will be required to complete a registration form with emergency contact details etc which will be forwarded on receipt of a completed booking form.

You will be invoiced for your reserved places through the normal school billing system. As staffing will be organised based on your booking, we will be unable to offer a refund for places subsequently cancelled or not attended. Please also be advised that you must telephone the school office on 01484 424549 or the Holiday Club Manager on 07580 201812 if you wish to make a late booking, please do not simply turn up at Holiday Club as we may not have space for your child!