Preps “Sleep In” and Seniors “Sleep Out” for charity

More than £1,000 was raised for the charities nominated by Mr and Mrs Voyce in our annual ‘Sleep Out’ and Year 6 ‘Sleep In’ event on the last Friday of the first half-term. The Senior School pupils were entertained with games and activities arranged by our Prefect Team whilst our Prep School pupils enjoyed a Treasure Hunt around the school site oranised by Miss Charleton. All enjoyed a late night feast with the arrival of more than thirty boxes of pizza. With a clear sky forecast, the seniors were able to use the Rec. to excitedly build their cardboard dens whilst the preps inflated their air beds and readied themselves to watch a film in the Sports Hall prior to settling down for sleep. The night was generally very quiet though the dawn chorus of the many different species of birds on the site produced a cacophony of noise in the early hours on the Rec. With Mrs Holmes, Dr Dean and Mr Hoyle all waking from their boxed slumber on the Rec. with the senior children, the arrival of Mrs Barber with her now famous bacon sandwiches was warmly greeted. Mrs Nash, Mr Smaldon and Miss Charleton all roused the prep pupils to join the seniors for breakfast on the front lawn. There was a little time remaining for clearing the site and play on the rec. before parents arrived and everyone was able to go home for the comfort of our own homes and their own comfy beds.

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