Back To School

For more details on how we are preparing for a safe return to school this September, read our Back to School Guide.

Marking and Pupil Assessment

Find out how we will mark work and assess progress whilst we are teaching online

Marking and Pupil Assessment

Find out how we will mark work and assess progress whilst we are teaching online

As ever, work is expected to be submitted back to teachers and individual teachers will make their expectations clear when individual tasks are set.

Early Years and Pre-Prep

In these school phases, work should be submitted via Seesaw or by emailing the relevant teacher. Work will then be returned to pupils with feedback and any further actions to be taken.

Prep and Senior Schools

In the Prep and Senior Schools, teaching staff will indicate when to submit any work for assessment or feedback. This work should be sent to the relevant teacher via their email address.

Please be reminded that email addresses for all teachers can be found here.

Following each piece of submitted work, teachers will continue to deliver detailed marking and feedback. It is then the responsibility of pupils to act upon any relevant comments provided and to seek further clarity from their teacher, as required.

Please do be reassured that our teaching staff will be keeping a close eye on your child’s academic work and will be regularly assessing the attainment and progress of each pupil. This assessment will continue with our usual framework, taking both effort and attainment into account.

Where there any concerns in either of these areas, our usual school approach will apply, with subject teachers addressing individual academic concerns and Form Tutors managing any broader issues.

Formal school reports will still be produced as per our normal school calendar.

Homework and Personal Study

In light of our revisions to timetables, please be advised that Prep and Senior School homework schedules will revert back to those typically used in school for the Summer Term.

Please note that we have provided Personal Study periods throughout the week to enable pupils in the Prep School to complete their work and consolidate their learning. We do, however, expect pupils in the Senior School to catch up on any uncompleted work in their own time.


Reading can bring so many benefits and we are extremely keen for our pupils to continue to read a wide variety of books at home. For pupils in the Early Years, we have allocated a daily Story Time slot for this purpose.

There are numerous ways in which to access books at home at this time, including a considerable range of free Audible downloads that have been provided for children across the country. These may be accessed at, as well as via Kindle and the Kindle app, which can be downloaded to a phone or tablet.

Online bookstores, such as, can be used to purchase books, and Pre- Prep pupils can continue to take part in our ‘Reading Eggs’ scheme, which they are already accustomed to using and for which they have usernames and passwords.

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