Mr Hoyle’s Final Blog

September is always a wonderful time in any school as it brings with it a feeling of a new beginning and a fresh outlook. I am delighted that the story of this school year has again been one of considerable success and achievement, a reward for the hard work, talents, skills and combined efforts of all members of the school community. The Garden Party typified the community atmosphere and spirit whilst the Prize Givings and celebratory events at the end of the school year serve as a testimony to the efforts and talents of so many children, I congratulate them all on their individual and collective successes and achievements this year. There is certainly much optimism as the school looks to September 2017 and the exciting times to come.

The end of the school year is always a time to say farewell to a number of students and colleagues as they leave to embark on new chapters in their life.

We offer our very best wishes to the students leaving HGS at the end of the year. This especially includes our Year 11 students who will receive their GCSE results during the summer holidays and will move off excitedly to further their education.

In assembly, we offered special thanks to our Prefects and Senior Prefects who have given an enormous amount of time in service of the school this year. This is the time when we also appoint our new Senior Prefects for next year and I am delighted with the quality of the young people that will assume these roles in September.

The end of the year is also the time when we say goodbye to members of staff. Huddersfield Grammar School is a wonderful place to work and there are no members of the teaching staff departing this year. We do offer our very best wishes and appreciation to Eric Abbott, who now retires from his role as our minibus driver this week. Eric’s willingness ‘to go the extra mile’ has been a genuine reality in this role and he will be much missed. Lynda Lancaster also leaves the Senior School this week after two terms of excellent service teaching GCSE Business Studies. Lynda has made a big impression with the staff and students and we thank her for her efforts.

In September the school will welcome some additional new staff; Ms Emily Cronin, as Head of English, Mr Chris Peartree, as Head of Business Studies, and Mrs Sarah Culf, as Teacher of Mathematics. We are also delighted that Mrs Nicola Jordan will remain with us as a Year 5 Teacher and Head of Prep Games.

We have compiled a record of the many developments at the school over the past six years. This is a record of the collective efforts and achievements of so many different members of the school community who have combined to work so effectively together. It strikes me that, as the departing Headmaster at Huddersfield Grammar School. that things are exactly as they should be:

I will be leaving HGS with some sadness and many fond memories, having thoroughly enjoyed six years working alongside some wonderful colleagues, children and parents in such an exciting time to be involved at HGS.

There is also a feeling of some accomplishment reflecting upon a time of exciting growth and development in which we have worked together to achieve the targets that were set by Cognita.

There remains at the school some outstanding people with great ambitions, determination and skills who will be working to ensure that the school continues to progress in all areas.

It is clear that this is the start of the next exciting chapter in the development of Huddersfield Grammar School. HGS will continue to thrive and develop as it constantly strives to improve and enhance the educational provision for children at the school.

I am now faced with a new sense of challenge and excitement for my role as Headmaster at Quinton House School, with the additional role of working to provide greater professional development opportunities within Cognita. I hope that all will leave the school, when the appropriate time comes, with the same feelings.

I would like to thank everyone for their messages of support and appreciation. I leave wishing everyone the very best in their future and I do hope that all of the children will find a career for themselves in which they can enjoy the same challenge, excitement, and enjoyment that working at HGS has provided me.

I wish you all a very happy summer holiday, and I offer my very best wishes for the continuing development of this wonderful school – Studio Floremus!

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