The Last Blog Of 2015/2016


The school year ended with a special Final Assembly to pay tribute to those leaving HGS. For those who missed the assembly, we have provided the text:

Mr Hoyle: “It seems that every week at HGS there are special events: In the last 10 days of school I went to watch the All Aloud Choir in Birmingham singing in the National Music for Youth Festival; I watched three wonderful Sports Days; I saw the Pre-Preps enjoying their Teddy Bears Picnic; In addition, Year 2 enjoyed an outing to the Safari Park; the Preps went to Lightwater Valley; Our Under 11 Netball Team won gold medals at the West Yorkshire Games whilst our Tennis Teams and Gymnastic Teams also competed as District Champions; we have had the Prep and Pre-Prep Prize presentation events and our wonderful Garden Party with singing, gymnastics and performances from our excellent school productions this term; Our debating team carried off two trophies as winners of the New College Cup and our very first own HGS Competition that included schools from Rochdale and Heckmondwyke; there were Duke of Edinburgh Expeditions over the last weekend at Bronze and Silver; yesterday the Senior School went to Flamingo Land, the Preps had their disco and the Pre-Preps their tea party on the courtyard.

The many opportunities provided at the school are only available as we have a team of dedicated and talented teachers willing to offer so many special activities. Teacher earn no extra pay for running teams or clubs after school or during the holidays – they could choose to sit in their garden and relax instead of doing what they do – but they do it because it makes a real difference to the education we can provide at HGS and because it develops your own talents and interests and makes you all into better and more rounded people.

As ever, at the end of a school year we must say goodbye to some of the teachers. We send them off with our very best wishes. Rebecca Moore leaves Kindergarten today to finish her qualifications and will become an excellent Early Years Nursery Nurse.

Now it is often the postman who brings good wishes in the form of cards and presents – and our Kindergarten and Reception children have been learning about postmen in their topic on people who help us

Kindergarten will now sing ‘The Postman Song’

We say goodbye to two of our peripatetic music teachers who are moving on to exciting new challenges. Anna Hamilton leaves us as our saxophone teacher and brass teacher Rebecca Robertson leaves to get married and is moving to live in France

Music and Singing are very important to life at HGS and Pre-Prep will now sing the ‘Sunny Funny Song’

Mrs McNulty arrived at the school two years ago as a cover teacher. We were so impressed with Mrs McNulty’s work that we quickly approached her to ask if she would come to HGS when a job became available. Mrs McNulty has certainly established herself as a valued colleague and has worked hard to improve the library facilities at the school, especially for Prep children. Mrs McNulty now leaves to become Librarian and Literacy Co-ordinator at North Huddersfield Trust School.

Mrs Stewart has worked at HGS for 9 years. Mrs Stewart’s famous stories about life on a farm with only a tin bath by the fire, her breeding pigs, her sheep and a crazy lifestyle will long live on in the tales of former pupils and staff. Mrs Stewart also has a real passion for English literature and has led Book Club for a number of years and recently pioneered our new GCSE course in Religious Studies. Mrs Stewart is one of those teachers that is equally at home with the very brightest student and also with a student who struggles to understand the basics of English literature. Mrs Stewart is simply inspirational and we thank her for her work at HGS.

Mrs Francis has decided to embark on a new career running her own business after 12 years at the school. Mrs Francis has overseen many changes in ICT at the school in addition to making an excellent contribution as a Year 11 Form Tutor, organising the Prom and the Year 11 Year Book. Under Mrs Francis’ leadership, the school has now moved on from office computing to the computer science of today.

Stefan Bojczuk joined HGS at the start of a new millennium – some 15 years ago. Mr Bojczuk is rightly regarded by all of the students and teachers as an outstanding Physics teacher and every year our GCSE results in that subject are extremely impressive. The school will not only miss his talent as a teacher, but will also miss Mr Bojczuk’s dry sense of humour, his work on the lighting and sound in school productions, his annual excursion to Science Live, and perhaps most of all his desire to instill a love of science in all of his students.

We will be welcoming a number of new staff to HGS at the start of next term.

The School Productions have been wonderful this term and the Year 6 pupils will now perform as Prep School pupils for the very last time in an exert from Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits.

The Head Boy and Head Girl of Prep School was announced at the Prep Prize Evening. I am sure that we would all like to offer our congratulation to Miles McDade-Smith & Ruby Walker.

I would like to congratulate all of our Prefects on their excellent work over the Summer Term. I am pleased to name three new Prefects: Ben Harcastle, Alex Jardine, and Brianna Whitworth

I met with the Prefects in my study prior to assembly to announce the senior positions for next year. The Deputy Heads of School will be Olivia Hardcastle and Charlotte Stephenson and the Heads of School will be Cian Walder (Head Boy) and Isabella Sheekey (Head Girl)

There will be a memorial event in October for Sebastian Voyce.  Isabelle & Tristan Voyce will join Edward and us in September at HGS and we very much value having the Voyce family as part of our community. The loss of Seb has surely made a mark on all of us this year and we should all take on board the lessons of a life all too short but lived so positively and enthusiastically and a young man remembered so affectionately by everyone at HGS.

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