Ali takes 2nd Prize in the ISA Horsey Junior Essay Writing Competition

We are delighted to share the news that Year 6 pupil, Ali Syed, has gained second place in the ISA Horsey Junior Essay Writing Competition. A wonderful achievement in a competition that sees entries from some of finest independent schools in the country.

This is the second year running that Huddersfield Grammar School has featured in the competition with Ellie Hill winning first place, last year.

Ali received a certificate to recognise his achievement and a book voucher – a fitting prize for such an avid reader. The adjudicator’s report below demonstrates the impressive content of Ali’s essay:

Task: Write an imaginative account of being homeless.

An imaginative take on the task, taking us into the historical context of a Serbian refugee the day before world war one ended. The piece opens with a dramatic response to the prompt, foreshadowing the narrative ahead: “The never ending gale continuously bombarded the city…nothing left to be torn apart,” is an excellent metaphorical use of weather to express the destructive power of war. The narrator’s voice is further developed by a close link to the weather: “when the heaviest of the rain ceased…I wearily staggered to my feet.” The physical suffering of the homelessness is developed as the writer contrasts past experiences with the present situation: “I drifted mentally into my world of a secure warm house” which captures convincingly the dichotomy between present suffering and the loss of home. The piece ends with an allusion to its historical setting, highlighting the writer’s ambitious approach.


Ali's Essay

Ali’s full essay can be view be clicking the link below.

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