The First Blog From Mr Seaton 2017 2018

Tuesday 5th September 2017

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the new academic year at Huddersfield Grammar School. I am delighted to be writing to you for the first time as Headmaster of this fine school ahead of what promises to be an exciting new chapter for us all.

As an educator, my key focus has always been placed on the primacy of the individual. Every child is unique, each day must be special, and so every student at Huddersfield Grammar School deserves an excellent learning experience every day – one that caters for their individual strengths, areas for development, personal passions and interests.

I have learned more than you might imagine this summer by watching my own two young children honing their skills at the skate park in Greenhead Park. In such a setting, children learn quickly because the process is exciting, they are encouraged by regular, positive feedback from their peers, there are ever higher challenges to crack and so they operate at the edge of their comfort zone. It is no wonder that my wife, Trine, and I sometimes struggle to get our children home!

In the same way, children achieve academic excellence when they are happy, inspired and excited at school every day. So, whilst great teachers have the highest expectations, they also want the children to have fun when they are learning.

Over the last two days of staff INSET, we have spoken a great deal about the importance of combining academic rigour with creative approaches to teaching and are thoroughly looking forward to getting started.

Whilst we will be dedicated to the highest standards in teaching, caring for and nurturing the children, we will expect exceptional pupil conduct in return, wherever they are on the school site. As a starting point, I would be grateful for your support in ensuring that your children arrive at school wearing their uniform very smartly. An outstanding school strives for excellence in all that it does, and what better starting point for this at the beginning of a new academic year than our students showing how proud they are to be a part of this special community. Being part of a community also entails treating one another kindly and with respect, and a new Code of Conduct in the Prep and Senior Schools is centred around these ideals.

Please note that children are permitted to wear either their Summer or Winter Uniform in September. It then becomes compulsory for all children to wear full winter uniform after the October half-term. The School Rules for hair and jewellery obviously apply from tomorrow onwards.

The school staff and I are conscious that we will be welcoming many new families to Huddersfield Grammar School on Wednesday morning. Drop-off at the beginning of a new academic year is special, and so we will be making the Staff Car Park onsite available to parents for the first three days, from tomorrow until the end of this week, to ensure that you can take your time to send the children happily on their way. Prefects and senior staff will also be on hand to provide a warm welcome.

If you have older Prep or Senior School children at school, I would greatly appreciate your support in dropping them off promptly by using the drop-off zone at the top of the Parent Car Park from Monday 11th September. This will not just be greatly appreciated by other parents, but will also support our teachers in developing the independence of our young people.

Please note that the term dates for the 2017-18 academic year are posted on the school website ( and, given our commitment to academic rigour, we would be grateful for your consideration in avoiding booking holidays during term time if at all possible. Two particularly exciting dates for the diary are our annual Fireworks Night Display, on Friday 3rd November, and our Christmas on the Courtyard event, on Thursday 30th November. I look forward to seeing you on the ice rink!

With best wishes,

Mike Seaton



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