Huddersfield Grammar School is set in attractive grounds. The main building is Grade II listed and is part of the original school, St David’s College, founded as a traditional prep school in the 1930s. Over the years, the school has undergone changes of ownership and mergers. Its history is reflected in the buildings on the current site which are named after the original institutions – Waverley, Kayes and St David’s.

It became Huddersfield Grammar School in 1995 and was bought by Cognita in 2007.

There is a happy learning atmosphere both in the classroom and around the school.

Our children benefit from an all-round education and each stage is part of a continuing development process. We have high academic standards and every pupil is expected to aspire to them and to maintain high standards of behaviour and conduct. We also emphasise creative, cultural and sporting pursuits through our rich programme of extra-curricular activities. We want to send children on to the next stage of their lives equipped with the academic qualifications and the personal qualities, social skills, moral understanding and breadth of knowledge that will enable them to achieve their potential.

We believe that education should be:

  • accessible, giving every child many opportunities to use their unique talents to achieve success
  • enjoyable and stimulating
  • well-ordered but with opportunity for self-expression

We aim to encourage and foster in children:

  • respect and care for each other and the wider world in which they live
  • the building of a bond of trust and respect with those who teach them
  • the laying down of a foundation for a balanced future life
  • a rounded and thoughtful approach to all situations they meet.